HCI Africa is a recognized non-profit organization in Nigeria and an extension of HCI here, funded primarily through HCI donations. Pastor Samson Oyewumi serves as the HCI Africa Director and leads the HCI Africa Board in furthering our mission, model and message of discipleship in Nigeria and other African nations. The African Board conducts HCI’s Training Seminars and/or the Institute, oversees a Children’s Ministry Teacher’s Fellowship and The Word Club, a discipleship program for children. HCI Africa hosts our new VOH School of Ministry and is taking the ministry to 3 new Nigerian cities and the country of Ghana this year!


VOH – Vessels of Honor, School of Discipleship

This 3-year Bible School for leaders and pastors was pioneered by Pastor Ron Ives of HCI. Currently operating in Guatemala, Nigeria & the state of Michigan, HCI hopes to expand these schools to other nations as God opens the door. Leaders and Pastors are taught the Life of David, Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Old and New Testament Survey, Mission’s Perspective, Ministerial Ethics and much more! Each student who passes a course is given a certificate allowing them to offer the course to people they serve in their churches and various ministries. Graduates are honored at completion of the two year program. Life-changing for all!


HCI Training Seminars

For over 25 years, HCI has been training and equipping national pastors, parents, teachers and leaders to make disciples who make disciples of EVERY age. The most neglected in the discipleship process around the world are the children. The plan is simple - well-discipled pastors produce well-discipled leaders who produce well-discipled congregations who produce well-discipled parents and teachers who produce well-discipled children. Every nation is one generation away from an incredible revival and we get to be a part of it!

HCI offers a variety of discipleship seminars that impact all of these focus groups. We offer Bible training in evangelism and discipleship, youth and children’s ministry training, parenting courses, marriage seminars and pastor’s conferences. We also offer a variety of courses for discipling individuals, families, youth and children into the wholeness provided through Jesus Christ. This training equips them to minister healing to those broken through abuse and other traumatizing situations in life. We believe in the power of God’s Word to transform lives and nations.


HCI East Africa

HCI established a new ministry team in 2019 combining representatives from both Uganda and Tanzania to advance HCI training and discipleship in all of East Africa. Our HCI East Africa Discipleship Director, Pastor Solomon Kalule is working with this amazing team to improve the quality of discipleship to our sponsored children, the boys at the Street Center and in the churches of East Africa!


The Word Club

The Word Club is a discipleship program for children that provides a biblical overview of Scripture. Each year introduces a new Bible portion to study, with opportunities for the children to earn points and badges, inspiring them to develop great Christian disciplines! The program is also designed to give children a biblical world-view and to activate their spiritual gifts. This is a simple program that provides real discipleship for children and youth. Thousands of children in Nigeria were impacted the Word Club in 2019 and more children will experience the program in Colombia, Garden Hill (Manitoba), Guatemala, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, the USA and more in 2020! For information about the program, contact us at heart.cry.international93@gmail.com

  • Year One: Children learn the Pentateuch!  (The first 5 Books of the Bible!)

  • Year Two: Children learn the Books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth!

  • Year Three: Children learn the Books of I & II Samuel and Psalms!

  • Year Four: Children learn the Books of I & II Kings/I & II Chronicles!


Climbing Higher

HCI offers a special discipleship program for youth and children who have suffered trauma through poverty, abuse, exploitation and other difficult experiences. This curriculum includes a teaching manual, student manual and pictures to be used as visual aids during the classes. One of the first thing a young person loses after a traumatic experience is their ability to choose. This course teaches them how to reclaim their ability to make healthy decisions that will lead to healing and restoration for them. HCI also offers an adult devotional and book called The Power of Choice that repackages the same powerful teachings. For information about the program, contact us at heart.cry.international93@gmail.com


HCI Parenting & Marriage Conferences

We understand that the people who have the greatest impact on a child’s life are their parents. The healthier the relationships at home – the happier the child! Most of the mistakes parents make are the result of inexperience, ignorance or wounds in their own lives and/or marriage. HCI offers discipleship training for parents and couples so that lasting change can begin at home for the whole family!