New Life...

One of my favorite Bible stories for many years has been the miracle of a young boy’s resurrection. His mother was a woman who loved God and wanted to bless a traveling evangelist who passed by her home often. At her prompting, her husband built a cozy room on the top of their home for Elisha the prophet. He was so touched by her kindness that he asked her what he could do for her in return. She said she needed nothing but Elisha’s servant spoke of the fact that she had no child. Elisha prophesied that a child would be born to her that year but instead of being excited, the childless woman resisted the prophesy. I’ve always thought it was because she waited so long for a child and had given up by now. She was afraid to hope one more time. BUT…

The woman had the son promised to her and he was her delight. He grew into a strong boy and went to the field with her husband. One day while in the field he left his head uncovered too long and begin to have incredible pain from heatstroke. He died later in his mama’s arms. She took him up to Elisha’s room - where the promise of his sweet life began - and laid him on the bed. Then she called for a donkey to speed her way to Elisha. Her husband asked what was wrong but she assured him, “It will be well.” She raced down the road to Elisha, who saw her coming from a distance. He sent his servant to find out what was wrong. Again the woman replied, “It is well.” When she finally arrived, she fell to her knees and refused to move until Elisha returned to the place of the promise with her. He went, he prayed and the boy lived!

Over the years HCI has experienced many changes and challenges that were unexpected and even heartbreaking. The last two years have been a time of evaluation and realignment for HCI as we’ve return to our original blueprint and worked diligently behind the scenes to center the entire ministry in God’s will. We have never been more passionate about our call to discipleship. We are more committed than we have ever been to the vision of training pastors, parent, teachers and other leaders to effectively disciple the rising generation to know and follow Jesus. We are convinced in the power of God’s Word to heal and restore the broken families and children of the world. We are expecting great things!

The past two years I have thrown myself into relearning discipleship strategies and methods for the children and families of our current culture. Much has changed since I first began this ministry so many years ago. I’ve learned new approaches to ministry and developed/written new materials and training to disciple the broken into wholeness. New materials will be coming to our website in the coming year - resources for churches and families who want to see God’s Word do it’s transformational work in young hearts and minds. I’m excited! I feel ready to burst with the truths and understanding of God’s ways I’ve learned in this past season. Now it’s time for a new season…

I believe HCI is experiencing a resurrection of sorts. We are coming alive with fresh live and revelation. We have renewed vision and understanding of God’s plan for discipleship in today’s difficult world. We have new curriculums for churches and those ministering to the broken of our generation. It IS well with HCI!

I will be posting my discipleship journey here as I start a new season of ministry to the nations. I’m inviting you to come with me. Follow the blog, follow our journey and be a part of what God is about to do. Let’s share this adventure!

I’m sitting in an airport in Toronto, Canada en route to Sao Paulo, Brazil where I’ll join Brazilian Children’s Outreach in their pioneer efforts in new villages. If internet allows, I’ll post pictures and updates from the field - but if not, expect a great blog post in one week! :) I believe this is the launch of our new season for HCI. I’m believing many children and their families will experience resurrection life found in Jesus Christ. Believe with me!

Enough of my ramblings…let’s pray and I’ll “talk” to you soon! :)

Carla Ives