To Momma Bear

Pastor Carla Ives speaks to mothers of abused children about the two books she wrote for children and victims of abuse. The two books are The Bear Who Growled & What's Under My Shell Belongs To Me. To learn more about our Abuse Prevention presentations and materials/training available for women, teens and children to help them overcome the trauma of abuse, please contact us today! Jesus gives hope and healing…


The Bear Who Growled

The Bear Who Growled is for children who are being, have been, or could be abused. The abused children will understand what they have experienced and the need to reach out for help. The children who know others being abused will understand how to help their friends. Written and illustrated by Carla Ives.




Whats Under My Shell Belongs to Me

Tommy is a happy little turtle who loves his family and friends. One day an old tortoise hurts Tommy and tells him to keep a secret. Tommy chooses to tell because he knows some secrets are NOT meant to keep. Written and illustrated by Carla Ives.