HCI is a help-meet* organization that comes alongside churches and families to equip them to reach, teach, rescue and restore the next generation. HCI supports their efforts to love & disciple by providing quality training, resources, written materials and encouragement.

*Help meet: (‘azer) One who aids, helps, from the root word (‘azar) supports, surrounds, girds and defends. Genesis 2:18

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HCI selects one project each year at one of our international bases of operation to further a local ministry doing exceptional humanitarian work there. In 2017 we built a school in an impoverished neighborhood and helped a widow become self-sustaining. HCI’s 2018 Project (Oct. 1-Dec 1): Christmas Blessing Project! Help us give the street boys in Uganda, the children in our host schools (Sponsorship Program) and the children of Garden Hill, Canada the best Christmas EVER! Your donation provides food, gifts and special ministry to children who most need to be remembered this holiday season.

Other Projects:

- Make A Difference: This fund is created by monthly $25 or one-time donations and used to feed on-going projects with Uganda’s Street Center. More funds, more opportunities to feed! It is also used as an emergency fund to assist children in our sponsorship program or partner ministries.

- Child Sponsorship continues to support school fees for children in impoverished areas of Nigeria, Uganda, Myanmar and Haiti. $30 per month is all it takes to provide an education for a child in need.


We provide PATTERNS.

HCI is constantly developing new discipleship and personal ministry methods, materials and resources that can be easily taught and reproduced by adults working with children here at home or on foreign soil. We believe the best way to help children is to equip the adults in their lives with knowledge and tools needed to raise, restore and transform them. We can’t protect children from life — but we CAN prepare them for it! The patterns offered through our discipleship departments can be used by parents, pastors, counselors, teachers or missionaries to create new programs for youth or children in their country. We believe God’s Word is STILL the answer to every need, every question. Over 70 nations have received training and/or materials through HCI over the past 25 years!